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Hook Up for the New Year: HDMI Cables for All Gadgets

Dec 30, 2011

Loving all of your new gadgets and gifts? Right about now many families are realizing that they need different, longer, or more cables to keep their gadgets working. There are so many types of cables though – so we’ve broken down our popular HDMI cables into three main types of uses you might need.hdmi cables

Televisions, Blue Ray players, DVD players, satellite boxes, computers, etc. More and more devices are using your type A HDMI connection. If you need a secondary cable for your other televisions or just more length than you intended, then the HDMI type A cable.

Cameras, camcorders, etc. Smaller devices like cameras use a type C connection, which will hook up to your HDMI port with a Type A to Type C mini HDMI cable.

Cellphones, smartphones, etc. Want to check out the high def footage from your new cell phone on a high definition television? Use the HDMI Type A to HDMI type D extension cables to display video and photos from your smartphone onto a media display.

Whether you need a back up for your other rooms, traveling or a completely new cable for your new gadgets – you’ll find them here at If you’re still confused, feel free to give us our Customer Service department a call at 855-360-3395.

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