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Ring, Ring, Santa’s Calling! Can you Hear Him Over the Phone Cables?

Dec 15, 2011

“Santa’s watching!” That’s just one of the many warnings that parents give to their children during the holidays. It’s a great way to encourage good behavior for at least a few months of the year. Sometimes they children ask many questions like, “How is Santa watching?” “Where is he watching from?” “How will we know if Santa saw us?”phone cables

There’s a few ways to give your kids easy answers, such as a few additional tricks! Rather than the usual vague magic answers, has some technology backed ideas that can’t be questioned!

  • Go online and write a email to Santa. In the letter, ask for everything one the Christmas list, and remember to ask the most important question, “Have I been a good boy or girl?”
  • Set up a special call from Santa. When Santa calls over the phone cables that everyone else uses, it proves his existence. To pull this one off, schedule a time with a family friend who can do a good Santa impression, the laugh is a must! Have “Santa” mention certain details that means he’s been watching, like the broccoli your child didn’t want to eat or clean up after playing. This way your child knows that Santa is always a phone call away!

Christmas is all about the magic, but phone cables can solidify and back up your Santa stories!

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