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Everything you never knew about XLR Audio Cables

Nov 25, 2011

Ask any audio professional and they’ll tell you that the best way to get sound is with our handy XLR audio cables. Industry professionals in theaters, television studios, reality tv, etc all use XLR cables for a reliable audio connection. If you asked what it is that makes XLR cables so useful, you’d cables

“They’re easy to plug in and out with 3 pin connectors.”
“The connection is snug, it doesn’t just fall out from a tug.”
“The strong plastic cable line is durable and flexible, just what I need for tight places.”

It’s the basics of what makes the XLR audio cables essential to a microphone or industry sound system. There are plenty of reasons that at least a five foot XLR audio cable is a must in a camera man’s bag. What you’re not going to hear are these industry secrets.

“XLR cables should be wrapped in a specific way, using the over-under method to prevent knots and twists.”
“When setting up a mic stand, you’ll have less chances of knocking it down when you wrap the XLR cable down around the pole and under the legs of the stand.”

You’ll find that XLR audio cables make a great addition to your audio bag!

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