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Why We’re Thankful for our IT Professionals this Thanksgiving!

Nov 21, 2011

Every Thanksgiving you gather around a table and give thanks for many obvious things, but what about the no-so obvious? Here at, we like to give thanks for the many great IT professionals out there, doing what they do every day to keep businesses like ours and yours running. Think that the IT profession is just about clearing out the viruses off your computer? Think again.

Here’s just a few reasons you should be thankful for all that Information Technology professionals do:replacement power cords

  –  Managing and connecting the department to any of your outsourced services. This can be anything from billing, to payroll or even customer care.

  –  Always having replacement power cords on hand to fix your frayed or old power cords.

  –  Connecting you to the internet of course! They keep up the maintenance on patch panels as well as take responsibility for running each and every Ethernet cable to all computers.

  –  Picking up the phones and creating phone connections for you with phone line splitters and all the rest! tips their hats off to the IT professional this Thanksgiving. Remember yours, from the IT service man all the way to the Chief Information Officer, who makes sure that data gets where it needs to be and the entire business runs smoothly.

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