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Mix Tapes for the Modern Age: How to Transfer Audio and other Large Files

Nov 10, 2011

Back in the day, wanted to make your own playlist or just liked a song you would make a mix tape. With just the click of two buttons you could record any song – so simple! Now there are so many ways to share music – how can you be sure that you’re doing it the right or easy way? When it comes to transferring large amounts of files – music, photos, video – just follow these simple steps.

First, get a 5 pin mini USB cable – it’s one of the simpler ways to transfer your files off of a camera, phone or external card reader when you don’t have a memory card. It uses a USB port – practically universal – so you can move the files off of the device and onto your computer.
5 pin mini USB cable
Next, take a look at those files. Do you need all of them? Delete the ones that aren’t necessary. Now, compress the files to make them easier to send. On a PC it will say “Send to Compressed (zipped) folder” on a Mac it will say to “Compress” – both create a zip folder.

Then figure out how to send these files. Your options include:

  • Flash drive
  • Email
  • File Transfer Site
  • Cloud Sharing
  • CD

Just upload the zipped file to one of these services, email it or copy it onto a flash drive to send to someone else. A burned CD is a great option when you need a permanent copy – like a music playlist for the car! If you’re putting the music on a CD, you don’t need to zip the files. You can just transfer the files over! What’s stopping you? Get those videos off of your camera and make a CD playlist of all your favorite moments!

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