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Welcome to the New

Nov 3, 2011

Something looks a little different around here at No it’s not the changing of the seasons but the changing of our homepage! We’re now sporting a nice blue color in our header and font text – looks pretty slimming don’t you think?triangle cables

If you look at it you’ll see that it’s like we re-ordered our categories though patch panels, so everything is tidy and easier to find. You’ll notice that all of our categories are now grouped, neat and tight like a stack of neatly organized computer cables so they’re easier to browse though and find what you’re looking for.

When it comes to connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, or even getting back to the great news at our Triangle Cables blog, you’ll find all the links neatly stacked like server boxes in the bottom right hand footer of the page.

Know what you’re looking for? Our search box was moved to the middle of the page, right by the logo so you can’t miss it! Still looking for anything and can’t find it, let us know! All of our important links are still here, we’re still offering the same great service, a lifetime warranty on all cables 30 day hassle free returns. We’ve just improved our looks! Let us know your thoughts on our new design!

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