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Everyday Inventions from Extraordinary Women

Oct 28, 2011

Earlier this month, we told you about the many both technology innovators that were in fact female, not male! While women did a lot for television, computers cables and more, they also were responsible for many other practical inventions as well that are still used today.female technology

However, women account for many more practical inventions that we still use today such as:

Windshield Wipers and Wiper Blades (1905)- by Mary Anderson.
Car Heaters (1893)- by Margaret Wilcox.
Kevlar (1964)- by Stephanie Kwolek made bullet proof vests possible!
Disposable Diapers (1950′s)- by Mary Donovan.
Liquid Paper (1951)- by Bessie Nesmith.
Chocolate Chips /Chocolate Chip Cookies (1930)- by Ruth Wakefield. Specifically she invented the famous Toll House Cookies!
Street Cleaning Machine (1900)- by Florence Parpart.
Circular Saw (1812)- by Tabitha Babbitt.
Cooking Stove (1867)- by Elizabeth Hawk.
Fire Escapes (1887)- by Anna Connelly.
Life Raft (1882)- by Maria Beaseley.
Dishwasher (1886) – by Josephine Cochran.
Refrigerator (1914)- by Florence Parpart.
Submarine Lamp and Telescope (1845)- by Sarah Mather.
Electric Hot Water Heater (1917)- by Ida Forbes.
Satellite Propulsion System (1960-) – by Yvonne Brill; the system helps satellites stay in orbit for longer periods.

The next time you use your windshield wipers or take a bite into a chocolate chip cookie, remember they were brought to you courtesy of a woman! In fact, Grace Hopper popularized the the term “debugging,” so the next time someone goes to fix your computer connections, think of Grace removing an actual moth from a computer! Women have contributed just as much as men when it comes to inventions. We champion women being involved in technology and hope to carry more women-invented products in the future!

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