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Kindle Fire, the Cables and Connections on Amazon’s Latest eReader/Tablet

Oct 20, 2011

There is always something new and hot out in electronics, but the biggest thing that may be on many Christmas lists is Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire isn’t any old eReader, it’s the first color tablet device from Amazon’s Kindle line, with a multi-touch interface and the ability with watch movies, TV shows, play games, and of course read newspapers, books, magazines and more!3.5 mm stereo audio jack

So let’s take a look at what’s in the newest eReader. While it’s not out yet, this is what we do know.

  • It uses a USB 2.0 micro-B connector cable, much like our 5 pin micro B connectors.
  • The sounds comes from top-mounted stereo speakers, and you can hook in headphones using a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack.
  • The U.S. power adapter supports 100-240V.
  • As a color monitor is uses backlit, IPS (In plane switching) just as the iPad does, allowing you to go from horizontal to vertical orientation.

If the Kindle Fire is on one of your Christmas Shopping lists this year, try to order now! Before the Kindle is released November 15th they’re still offering it at a reduced price. This way you save and are able to buy all of the neat accessories, covers, and load it up with games and apps!

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