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6 Benefits of Using a Patch Panel and Network Switch at Home

Oct 14, 2011

Offices know that a patch panel is an essential piece of hardware, but did you know that it can serve as a central location for multiple incoming and outgoing lines at home as well? A patch panel reconfigures where lines such as your WAN, LAN, audio, telephone and other electronic connections much quicker. 

patch panels and network switch

This gives you the ability to manually monitor, test, and switch cables located in the front that connect permanent cables – all configured in the back at a much quicker time frame.

Pair the patch panel with a network switch and your home will have secure connections allowing:

  1. Increased available network bandwidth.
  2. Increased network performance.
  3. A reduction in workload on individual computers if more than one in your house.
  4. A decrease in packet collisions (which is when two or more stations try to transfer a packet across a network at the same time).
  5. Protects against electronic interference.
  6. Allows one computer to access multiple LAN’s.

A network switch can also be used as an economical surge suppressor or firewall by switching to an unused position. It is also a dust and moisture proof mechanism.

By adding a patch panel and network switch to your home you will be able to connect several wired devices to your network instead of only being able to connect 2-3 wired devices. So why not set up your own mini network to include all of your favorite wired gadgets?


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