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Transferring Your Summer Videos to the Computer With FireWires

Sep 30, 2011

Did you know that FireWire cables are similar to USB cables? The difference? FireWire cables have a faster transfer rate and are the most preferred method when it comes to transferring large files.

A Little About FireWires
fire wire cablesFireWires were developed by Apple in the 1980′s and vary by speeds, some at 3.2 Gigabits per a second and others at 6.4 Gigabits per a second. They’re used for networking computers and creating digital video connections. Cable boxes use FireWires to stream On Demand Programming.

So why use a FireWire to upload your summer videos? Summer videos are memories that will be cherished for years to come. So you want the very best connection. The file size of raw digital video from a vacation camera is so large, it’s recommended to use a FireWire instead of a normal cable. Therefore, by using a FireWire, you’ll be able to transfer the video much faster than that of a normal cable and it results in minimal – to no loss in information and quality. And no loss of information or quality is what you will want for those summer memories!

There are many other devices that use FireWires such as:

  • Digital cameras
  • External Hard Drives
  • Older model iPod’s and MP3 players

FireWire cables are a great way to efficiently and quickly transfer videos as well as pictures and music. This way you’re protecting the information and quality of those important keepsakes!

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