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How to Remember to Keep Printer Ink in Stock

Sep 23, 2011

Running out of printer ink can be disastrous especially for businesses. It is crucial that everything is in stock so that it does not interrupt your daily operations which can result in a possible loss of revenue.printer ink

Here are some ways to help you remember to keep your printer ink in stock:

  •    -   Figure out how long the ink normally lasts, whether it happens every two weeks, every month, etc.
  •    -   Assign calendar reminders in your email to help remind you when it?s time to order more ink. (Make sure it is an email account you use regularly and pick a date in advance to order the ink so that you are not paying for express shipping or waiting on ink to arrive)
  •    -   Set a reminder on your phone so no matter where you go you know its ink ordering day!
  •    -   If your company goes through ink in a short period of time then order ink by bulk so you do not have to re-order it so often. (This saves you money!)
  •    -   Assign a post it note on your computer. (Windows 7 offers post it notes for your computer screen.)
  •    -   Use a real post it note and put it somewhere that you will always see it. Put it:
    •    -   On a fridge
    •    -   On your computer monitor
    •    -   On your phone
  •    -   Mark it on your calendar at your desk or wherever you keep a paper calendar.

With these helpful tips remember to order printer ink in advance, your business will continue to run smoothly and you?ll be able to avoid any stress that may come with forgetting!

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