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10 Facts to Celebrate TV Cable Month

Sep 15, 2011

Cable TV is a staple in many homes in the U.S. and around the world, and it’s one of the most common forms of entertainment and news. As part of our TV Cable Month celebration, we?re sharing some fun and interesting cable TV facts!component video splitter adapter cables

Did you know?

  1. In 1948 John Walson of Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania invented cable TV.
  2. His company’s name was Service Electric and is known today as Service Electric Cablevision INC.
  3. CATV was the original name of cable. It stood for Community Antenna Television.
  4. Cable TV is now a community antenna. (Local antennas were originally used but those in mountains areas were not able to receive nearby network stations.)
  5. Walson put antennas up on hills and ran cables to homes in his area.
  6. Each TV was connected by a separate long cable to the antenna.
  7. Amplifiers were used to help make the signal stronger because the cables were so long that it weakened the signal while traveling.
  8. The signal went through as many as 30-40 amplifiers before reaching a household TV.
  9. If one amplifier failed out of the entire chain, then you lost the entire picture.
  10. Currently, cable can be displayed on more than one device using component video splitter adapter cables. The video splitter cable also allows you to connect one input device such as a DVD player, cable box or satellite receivers to what is considered a two output device such as a TV or projector.

Cable has come a long way and without the experience and technical education of John Walson, who knows how we would be watching our favorite TV shows today!

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