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Experience Sound, Retro-style with an Audio Party

Sep 8, 2011

Back in the day, listening parties were all the rage. Well, they happened at least when I was a kid. Back when a person picked up an album, you would invite your friends over to listen together. Oh the simpler times.
audio splitter
Now it’s easy to just buy music from an online store, have it shipped to the house and everyone else buys the same. The big artists still hold private listening parties to their new albums. We think it?d be fun to have a listening party at home!

Here’s what you’ll need for your listening party:

  • Surround sound audio system. Experience the music like it should be. While you can?t get a real, live concert acoustics you can get close by using audio splitters to divide the audio cleanly around the room.
  • Comfortable seating. While row like seating is perfect for the movie set up, staring at the back of a person?s head is going to take away from that experience.
  • Good eats! You can just sit there, enjoying the music and doing nothing else. Or you can make it a real party by offering delicious snacks, drinks or even a full meal.

Celebrate the release of a new album with friend in a good old listening party. It’s an even better opportunity to show off your great sound system. How do you share good music with friends? 

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