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Tidy Up Office Connections

Aug 19, 2011

You wouldn’t bring a client or customer into an office with cups on the floor – shouldn’t the same go for cables all over the floor?wall plate

Office connections don’t have to be a mess. A professional looking office is thoroughly clean and modern. All cables and tools that aren’t activity used, and some that are, should be discreetly hidden. As you move to make the office more functional, adding presentation displays and adding internet routers to devices, the cable will grow. You can tidy up all these spare cables using using cable adapters run through wall plates.

Just pop in the right insert into a keystone wall plate and label any adapters that may get mixed up!

- Run Ethernet cables through the walls and bridge that connection with a Cat 5E 110 punch down insert.

- Make accessing the HDMI connections even easier by running adapters and extension cables out to a wall plate and using a HDMI keystone coupler insert.

Keep your cables in the walls and under the floors so they’re out of sight and out of mind – accessible only when you need them!

Next time you give an audio/visual display, just access the nearest wall plate to hook into the internet or local server. It’s all about perception and presentation!

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