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Home Entertainment Worthy of Family Fun Month

Aug 5, 2011

home theatre set upHave you gotten to work on your amazing home entertainment system yet?

That’s right, we’re calling you out. It’s Family Fun Month and it’s time to finally deliver on that amazing home entertainment center you’ve been promising not just yourself – but the entire family.

To get you started, we’ve listed some of the ‘must haves’ that every home entertainment system needs:

- Completely furnished room, with comfortable seating for movie marathons.
- Full screen television placed at a moderate distance from the seats, so your eyes aren’t strained.
- Surround sound system with all the right audio and stereo cables.
- Coffee and side tables at the right height to reach while seated.
- Popcorn bowls so you have a movie-style snacking experience!
- Black out curtains or shades to keep the glare off of the screen.

Of course there can be things in your way, like needing to extend the reach of your cables. That’s why there are HDMI extenders and adapters available at, to help sort out and fix any of your additional wiring issues or give you the reach you want. Make your entertainment system complete with all the fixings and trimmings to celebrate Family Fun Month off right!

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