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Ethernet Cable Color Feng Shui

Jul 29, 2011

ethernet cableFind inner peace and computer calm when you pick the right color Ethernet cable for your home or office set up. While your computer often comes with a generic grey or white cable, that’s no reason you can’t improve and brighten your workspace with a colorful cable instead.

Pick out a new Ethernet cable from and then use it as inspiration to improve several other small things in your workspace.

Once you’ve picked out a new cable, find new colorful office tools to match!

  • – Mouse
  • – Wrist support pad
  • – Stress ball
  • – Picture frame
  • - Flower vase (Fresh flowers also brighten the day!)

Find just one bright color and use it in several areas of your workspace to really brighten your day. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow will stimulate you, while cooler hues like green, blue, and purple will be more calming.

How do you make your workspace surroundings contribute to your inner peace?

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