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You got a new HDTV plasma or LCD TV now what?

Mar 2, 2009

Congrats on getting a new HDTV now if the salesman didn’t hose you on a $100 cable then we can help you!
We do recommend the extended warranty if it was a bigger one like our 52 Inch Sony Bravia.

If you haven’t got of  TV Yet we recommend Abes of Maine , they are honest
however like most online vendors they do try to sell you an extended warranty
which we did get from them and an HDMI cable that we didn’t of course. LOL

Simply go to Best Buy etc and look for the TV you want and get the model number.
Then go to Abe’s and they can usually beat the price delivered!

There are two ways to get the HD on your new Plasma or flat screen
one is HDMI and the other is Component Video 

We offer the latest in HDMI cables all version 1.3 you can see the specs at HDMI.ORG
The HDMI signal carries both audio and Video so one cable
is all you need from a DirecTV box as an example and your new TV.

Our most popular selling cable is a six foot cable  we do offer from 1.5 Feet
to 150 Feet with 25 Feet and 30 Feet both very popular sellers.

The other way is Component Video  which use the three colors of  light
Red, Blue and Green to make up all the colors in the video spectrum.

For the audio you have right and left with all the connectors RCA ,
so there are five RCA connectors to Component video with Audio here is our most popular 6 foot .
We offer these from 3 Feet to 100 feet  in length with 25 Foot and 50 foot being very popular sellers.

In some cases you do not have the RCA right and left for your audio portion
but the toslink Digital audio connection . We offer these from 3 feet to 12 feet.

Which ever is your choice of the above it will insure you get a great picture
as good as you can get up to 1080P.

However 1080P is only with Blu-ray players at the moment and not with any cable or satellite providers.

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