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Netflix About to Lose the TV Provider Battle?

Jul 14, 2011

satellite multiswitchThis week, Netflix announced a big change in their plans, which angered a lot of customers. Starting September 1st, there will be two unlimited plans at $7.99 per month: an unlimited DVD plan or unlimited streaming plan. It will be $15.98 per month to get both streaming and DVDs. Previously both services were just $9.99 per month!

This may be bad news if you’ve been thinking of cutting the cable! If you’re now putting the brakes on your complete cut off from traditional TV providers, you can improve your current connection in the meantime.

Don’t I need expensive repairs and a technician to come in for satellite upgrades?
There are actually a lot of home solutions to improve your satellite reception. Using the satellite multi-switches you can upgrade and repair your satellite connection. There are also tools like cable splitters for those with an actual cable connection.

Whatever you plan to do with your current provider situation, make sure you know all the facts and research what will benefit you and your household in the long run. Are you planning on making any TV changes in your home?

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