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5 Ways to Make your Computer Live Longer, and Happier!

Jun 30, 2011

Computer crashes, falls and spills. Nothing ruins a summer like a broken computer. While your computer may survive a small natural disaster, it’ll never be the same again.

Through simple smart placement, you can make sure your computer lives a long and happy life.

Here are a few places we’d advise to avoid leaving your computer by:

  • Near an open window. Summer storms can come suddenly and without warning. It’s one thing to realize that you’ve left your car windows open and another when it’s your computer at the window!
  • On top of a tall countertop. Try not to leaving that computer on top of any precarious perches. As it goes swinging down, the power cord can save the computer, but then you may have a broken cord!
  • Near a vase. It’s not just eating near the computer that you have to worry about. The pretty vase of fresh flowers may look nice, but it contains a lot more water than your average cup will. Keep your computer far from any liquids!

Missing keys and broken frames aside, you can get replacement parts or adapters to make up for broken power cords. You can find AC power cords here at

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