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Where’s the Connection to the iCloud?

Jun 23, 2011

Apple has released yet another “iProduct.” So what exactly is the iCloud anyway?

The iCloud will:

  • Automatically backup all of your important content, such as iPhone information and purchased music.
  • Work off of three new apps. The Documents in the Cloud, Photo Stream, and iTunes in the Cloud will each sync documents, photos and music across devices.
  • Offer 5GB of free storage, which doesn’t include purchased content such as music and movies through iTunes.

The iCloud will be compatible with both Apple and PC computers, but still may not be your cup of tea. Since it doesn’t release until this fall, it’ll take that long to see if the iCloud turns out to be a MobileMe dud. Similar to iCloud, MobileMe was Apple’s $99 service that never took off as intended.

Until then, you can still always get reliable connection to transfer files between devices with the USB 2.0 type A to Micro Type B cables, available here at

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