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4 Solutions for Your USB Missed Connections: Part 2

Jun 13, 2011

Still having issues with your USB drivers? Last week we started to talk about ways to fix your USB issues. This week we’re giving you two more ways to get your USB connection back up to speed.

  • Check that the driver software is updated. Usually the computer will automatically update all of your software or prompt you to do so, but sometimes – we don’t know why – it doesn’t happen. You can go into your computer settings to find drivers and programs, and update from there. Or go to the driver manufacturer’s website for the most recent version of the software.
  • Sometimes a USB port will quit on your computer. You can get a USB cable adapter to provide access to other hard to reach USB ports. Some may exist on the back of your computer tower.

Check out the great selection of USB cables and adapters from for reliable connections from your USB powered devices and USB drivers.

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