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How to Surprise Dad with a New Video Player for Father’s Day

May 31, 2011

Make Dad's day!

One of the best surprises you can get a Father is a brand new video player! This Father’s Day don’t just wrap the box and hand it off on Sunday morning. Make it a really special occasion by hooking it for him!

First, make sure you have correct video cables for installation. Many of the newer systems, like the BluRay players, require new video cables and adapters that don’t fit to your older model TV.

Second, set up a time to set up the player for him. See if the whole family can help out. If he’s an early to bed sort, set it up the night before Father’s Day. If he’s a late riser, try to hook up all of the video and audio cables first thing in the morning.

Finally, wrap the empty box up. Stick a note inside, “Go to the living room.” He’ll be so surprised not just by the gift but the thoughtfulness of the entire family!

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