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How to Keep your Coils Fray-Free

May 24, 2011

Clean up your cables

The worst thing that can happen to your cords is one little bend in the wrong direction. Next thing you know, you’ve cracked the plastic. One wrong tug and your entire cord may go!

It’s a shame when there are just so many little things you can do to preserve the integrity of your cords. Try these tips for your cords.

  • A lot of thin audio cables see a lot of use. They tend to bend right at the point of connection – where they can fray! For those thin audio cables, like mini stereo cables, simply take the spring coil out of an old pen. Wrap the cable around the base of the cord, so it never gets too bent out of shape!
  • Use a cable organizer to keep your cables kink-free. An organizer like a cable management panel will keep all of your cables neat and separated. That way when you go in to move a cable, you don’t pull any the wrong way.

Give your cords live long lives by taking care of them – just like you do the rest of your electronics!

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