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How to Bring Your Home Theatre Outside

May 12, 2011

You don't have to stay inside to watch a movie

Hot summer weather or air conditioned breezes? Do those really have to be your choices all summer long? You can also embrace the cool shaded comfort of your covered patio, giving you a way to enjoy the warm weather and breezes while also enjoying a great movie.

Set up an outdoor home theatre in the safety of your enclosed patio or porch, so you can watch movies and television along with the fresh air of the outdoors!

What do you need:

  • A secondary television, preferably something small and easy to mount.
  • A DVD player or laptop to run DVD’s through.
  • Small speakers, like the old ones you have in the basement.
  • Video cables and adapters to bring your satellite or cable connection outside. (You may not need a DVD player if you plan to download movies!)
  • External power cables, to bring it all together!

Your outdoor home theatre doesn’t need to be anything fancy, use regular tables and cabinets to mount the equipment. It can be a very casual set up! Get all your video cables and external power cables for your home theatre system here at

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