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How to Watch Online Movies on the Big Screen!

May 10, 2011

Watch your online movies wherever you'd like!

Do you watch online movies? Sure it used to be something just pirating teenagers did, but now there are lots of online services that off legitimate ways to watch movies online.

Which is great for saving gas money, since the movie comes to you!

You know all those On Demand movies you can get through your local cable or satellite provider? Some of them, like Comcast will offer cheaper On Demand movies to download to your computer! In fact, there are lots of online services that stream movies and even television content, like Netflix or Hulu.

Sure the idea of watching movies curled up around a computer screen isn’t that appealing, but were you aware you could simply hook up your computer to your television? It’s just another monitor after all! It’s as simple as figuring out what similar input and outputs your computer and television have in common. Many will both have a VGA port, letting you connect the two with a VGA adapter!

Save a few bucks by watching a movie at home, and picking up your monitor adapters here at

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