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Can you Match your RCA Cable Colors?

Apr 20, 2011

Color code it

Red, white and yellow. Those are your typical RCA cable connector colors. But do you know what they each do? If you guessed red and white are for audio and yellow is for video then you’re right – typically. Connectors also come in other colors, for the same and different uses with different cables.

For example, both white and black connectors both are commonly used to connect left analog stereos. Confused yet?

Your common RCA cables will correspond with following colors.

In analog audio:

  • White- Left  or Mono
  • Red – Right
  • Green – Center
  • Blue – Left Surround
  • Gray – Right Surround
  • Brown – Left Back Surround
  • Tan – Right Back Surround
  • Purple – Subwoofer

For composite analog video:

  • Yellow – Composite

How about the other colors of commercially made RCA cables?

Next time you come across an unusual color you’ll understand where that RCA connector that fits. For all your audio video needs you can find RCA cables here at

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