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Make Your Computer Run Like New with Simple Upgrades

Apr 8, 2011

Upgrade you computer easily!

Tired of your humdrum computer? Wish you could just buy a new machine – but can’t afford to start from scratch? You can improve your current machine’s performance and make it feel like new with these tips:

  • Clean up the insides of your computer. You can run a few different programs to clean up unused files and programs, such as spyware, disk clean up and disk defragmenter programs.
  • Get a new monitor. Many times the biggest improvement with a new machine is simply a bigger monitor.  Attach your current tower to a bigger and better monitor with a VGA monitor cable.
  • Got hard drive? External hard drive, that is. If you have an external hard drive and the original recovery disks to your computer you can reboot and refresh the drive. Make sure you’ve backed up your entire drive externally, and that you have the backup disks for any programs you want to put back onto your computer, before restarting anything. You may lose some preferences and personalized settings, like with your browsers, but your computer may run like new.

Do you have any tips for improving your computer’s performance? Let us know!

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