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Set your Printer to Save on Ink

Apr 4, 2011

Save on ink

Have you ever gone to print a simple document and only after the fact realized that you’ve printed a block of text in bright blue – when it could have been black? It no fun when all you needed were the text portions, not the big blue and pink graphs and headers. Rather than waste the color ink on accidents, set your printer to default black printing.

If you regularly print pages in black and white, you can save ink by changing your default settings to automatically print in black, rather than letting the reverse happen.

How to Change your Settings

Go to the “Printers and Faxes” folder on your computer, or go under Control Panel to find your Printers. Right click on your default printer and choose Printing Preferences. Change the color settings from color to black and white for all future printing projects.

Just remember when you do go to print something in color, many programs will remember that last setting and print in color again. You can always change that setting by going back to Print Preferences and changing the color back to black.

Some computers and printers act differently though, so always remember to check your settings before clicking print! This way quality ink cartridges are saved for important printing jobs like your photos and presentations.

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