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VGA Converters and your iPad

Mar 30, 2011

Your iPad's best friend

The iPad is just one of the latest tablet devices out in the market; in fact, Apple has released two versions, already improving features of the first.

If you have either the iPad or iPad 2 you may be excited about the possibilities of streaming iPad content onto a television or external monitor. It’s exciting but there are some things you might not know about how VGA equipped displays work with your VGA adapters.

The iPad VGA adapter cannot show certain licensed content bought in the iTunes store. It’s a definite downside for many movies and even some applications that you may want to display on an external monitor.

Once you’ve determined that a VGA adapter is for you, you might decide that one screen isn’t enough, for instance in a teaching demonstration. In this case, you’ll want to look at hooking your iPad up to a VGA Splitter like those available at, which will allow you to broadcast on multiple devices.  Also, remember when looking at the VGA splitters and adapter to be aware of bandwidth and monitor resolutions and how they will correspond to your iPad display.

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