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Greener, Safer, and “Plug-less” Electric Cars?

Mar 20, 2011

I'm wireless, baby!

Electric powered cars are on the verge of going wireless – wireless power that is! In the tech world, news is that Google’s latest efforts to encourage and promote safe and green technology will involve testing a new wireless electric vehicle charging system — taking electric powered cars to a whole new level!

The “Plugless Power” car, designed by a company called Evatran, simply parks above a charger device to power up. Google currently uses several electric cars for use on its Mountain View, CA facilities.

While this certainly cuts out the messy cords and plugs situation – and who doesn’t love going wireless – the cars will still need to be charged regularly from one central location.

Does this change your mind about electric cars? Would you be interested in a park and charge vehicle?

In the meantime, is here for all of your current every day electricity needs with safe power supplies and surge protectors.

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