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The Circle of Life: Setting Up your Own Cables

Mar 18, 2011

Set up your own cables

Remember old houses with old wiring? Every time the circuit was overloaded, you would need a trip to downstairs to reset or flip the circuit breaker. Whether it was a case of too many electrical devices on one circuit – or just using a microwave or hairdryer — you ran the risk of tripping off the circuit.

Now we’re all very concerned with setting up the computer and cable systems. Do you have a connection? Is it done right? Why didn’t I choose satellite!?  Instead of just checking for too many computers on one system you have a lot more to set up and consider. Do it your selfers who put in their own electrical wiring will need the right tools to get in and build their own Ethernet and computer cable connections.

You can find quality testers and tools that will help you build a failsafe cable system here at

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