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Surge Protectors All Year Long

Feb 28, 2011

When you think “power surges,” what usually comes to your mind?  Most of the people we ask this question to respond:  A thunderstorm.  Yes, we know a powerful and sudden summer thunderstorm can pose a risk to your electrical equipment, but the summer time is not the only dangerous time of year for electrical surges.

Keep your computer safe all year long

Think of the major weather news for the past few days for most of the country:  Severe weather threats.  It was the end of February and they were issuing tornado warnings in the South and Mid-West.  That means that during any point of the year, weather conditions can always be unpredictable.

That is why, regardless of what time of year it is, you should always have your important electronics kept safe by a surge protector.  Surge protectors have the ability to detect when there is a surge of power in your home or business and can safely flip an internal circuit breaker, to prevent any damage to your equipment.  They are always a good idea to have because you never know when something unexpected may happen.

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