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Create a Clutter-Free Entertainment Center

Feb 7, 2011

Too many wires have you stressed out?

You add speakers, gaming systems, the DVD player, cable box, adapters – when does it stop? By the time your TV is completely hooked up it has more wires and cables than you can count, sometimes across the room to reach any available outlet. It’s all too much to sort through and a pain to rearrange.

One often over looked organizational tool is the surge protector. Can’t tell the cables apart from each other? Not a problem! Label the outlets on your surge protector. Take a piece of masking tape and place it along the edge or the body of the protector; most have space above and below the outlets. Write out where each cable goes, “TV,” “Wii,” “Speakers,” etc. Then when you have to move or rearrange the Wii, for example, you can do so without turning off the cable for the rest of the household.

A surge protector does more than keep all your power cables in one neat area – it also protects your electronics. A powerful surge protector will protect delicate equipment like your DVD player or dish satellite system from nasty power surges and lengthen the life of your other entertainment equipment. offers many types and sizes of surge protectors, find what fits your outlet situation best!

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