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Save Your Equipment with a Telecom Protector

Jan 31, 2011

Although most of the electronic equipment is making the switch over to digital information transfer, there are still some devices that will utilize analog systems.  Due to the fact that the phone jacks for both digital and analog look the same, it can be difficult to tell them apart.

In addition, it can be extremely damaging to your computer equipment if you attempt to plug into the wrong type of data transfer jack.  Both forms use different voltage, which can cause extensive damage to your hardware.

In order to keep your equipment protected, you should consider using a telecom protector.  This device plugs into any type of phone jack and can instantly tell you if it is transmitting in analog or digital, if the line is transmitting anything, the polarity of the line, along with other important information you need to correctly use your equipment.  This small device can provide you with lots of vital data, while also preventing damage to your computer.

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