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Even More Crazy Computer Support Stories

Jan 10, 2011

A few weeks ago we brought you some amazing, yet true, stories of people calling for technical support.  A lot of the anecdotes that we brought your way are hard to believe.  As you read through some of the tales, you know that you simply can not come up with these kinds of stories.  Due to some positive feedback, we thought we’d bring you a few more:

One customer support agent received a call about a faulty modem.  After asking the customer to relay the name of the icon they had just clicked on, the customer kept saying “Okay.”  Finally the agent firmly asked for the name of the icon she had clicked on.  The customer responded:  The mouse?

Another tech support specialist picked up the phone to hear an angry man on the other end of the line who demanded satisfaction.  After failing to actually identify his problem, he informed the specialist that he had called AOL, Tiscali, and Nildram, but they didn’t help out.  The agent realized that the customer was trying to get online.  The agent then tried to describe what the back of the modem looked like and then explain where he should plug in the Cat 5 Ethernet cable. The client replied, “I have to wire the stupid thing in?”

We sometimes wonder how these tech guys keep their sanity.

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