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Ethernet Cables Save You Signal Frustration

Dec 20, 2010

While we at realize that wireless signals can be extremely helpful, there are times when they can also be very detrimental.  It always seems like the times you desperately need a wireless internet connection are also the times you can’t successfully access the web.  That is why we recommend you always have Cat 5 Ethernet cables on hand to ensure you can connect your laptop to your router.

Below are a few interesting scenarios involving some crazy things people have done in order to find a wireless signal.  Do yourself a favor and get some Cat 5 Ethernet cables now, so you don’t end up like any of these people:

-One man climbed onto the roof of his mother’s house.

-Another man climbed to the top of a mountain near a broadcast antenna and worked inside of a tent for a week.

-A young businessman held his laptop out of his 2nd floor window to access his neighbor’s wireless connection to send an important e-mail.

-Someone spent the money to drive around in an internet-ready taxi for five hours.

Find everything you need to have a reliable connection at

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