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Cat 5 E Cables: Your Dorm Room Essential

Mar 20, 2009

As colleges start receiving their confirmations of student attendance, students are beginning to plan and shop for the dorm room essentials that they’ll need to make it through that huge transition. The key to making a dorm room as comfortable as possible lies in the ability to fill it with items that capture your personal tastes but still perform their necessary functions. Because dorm rooms are small, students need to mind what items they’re choosing to outfit them with. It’s imperative that each and every piece brought into the dorm serves its purpose and looks great. Here’s where Cat 5 E cables come in.

Cat5 Cables

Cat 5 E cables , or Cat5 cables, are the chief method of plugging in your desktop or laptop computer into a wall jack that connects to the campus network. It’s essential to have this cable if you want to be able to have access to your favorite sites, instant messenger systems, and email without having to trek across campus to a computer lab. is outfitted with tons of Cat5 cables to outfit your dorm room in colors to fit your room d├ęcor or your personality. Choose from varying lengths and colors to find that one that’s just right for you. Not to mention, they’re incredibly affordable!

Check us out and don’t forget to add this dorm room essential to your shopping list!

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