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Tech Horror Stories–Other Side of the Coin

Oct 31, 2010

Last week we talked about customers who called in for help with their computers, but had a hard time with the technical support consultants.  Well, we know that sometimes things can be a two way street.  There are tons of very qualified technicians out there who have horror stories about the people who call in for help.  Here are some of their stories.

A customer called for support and explained that she was having a system error with her Macintosh Pro.  The tech requested that the customer “right-click” on the open desktop option.  The customer did this twice, but nothing happened.  The tech asked the customer to explain exactly what had happened and the customer replied that there were instructed to “write ‘click,’” so she “wrote click,” on the keyboard.

One employee called requesting support from the tech support on the network in her own building.  When she explained the problem, the tech replied that they were not seeing a system error on their screen.  The employee responded, “Wow, you can see my screen from there?”  Ah, the beauty of the Cat 5 Ethernet Cable.

One customer rang the help line because they needed help installing an internet browser to the computer.  They were sent a CD with install directives, but they complained that the CD wasn’t working.  The tech asked the customer what type of computer they were using to try to install the CD.  The customer said, “Computer?  Oh no, I haven’t got a computer.  The CD is in my CD player and all I get is weird noises.  Listen.”

Some things you just can’t make up.

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