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Computer Tech Support Horror Stories

Oct 26, 2010

It is the week of Halloween and since we don’t sell costumes, masks, makeup, or candy, we didn’t know how to help participate in the spookiest time of the year.

We think we found the way:  Horror stories about computer technical support.  These are gathered from various sites over the internet.

-A number of years ago, when high-speed internet was first coming around, a family called for tech support to help install the new equipment and software.  Since the computer was a bit on the older side, it only had a slot for a floppy disc and not a CD-ROM drive.  The tech wanted to install the new software from a CD, but was unaware that the computer did not have a CD drive.  When a second member of the family came home, they saw their mother trying to pry the CD from the floppy disc drive while the tech said, “I’ve seriously never seen one of those before…are you sure it’s not a CD-ROM drive?”  Could you imagine what would have happened if the PC only had a USB hub?

-A customer called their technical support representative to help resolved a problem.  The problem was that the computer only showed a message that said, “boot2/.”  The customer let the tech know that he was using a PC, to which the tech said “I’m the Mac tech.  The Windows tech is gone, but I can try to help you.”  After the customer explained the steps he’s already tried, the tech advised, “Sir, have you put any cheese or mustard in your drive?  We’ve had that happen a lot lately.”  We guess it’s pretty easy to confuse a computer and a cheeseburger.

Hopefully these horror stories will help put you in the Halloween spirit.

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