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Free Ground Shipping!

Sep 17, 2010

Who doesn’t like the word free? At, we dedicate ourselves to bring you the best quality items at the best possible prices. But now we are happy to offer you free ground shipping on any order!

All you have to do is purchase two HP Inkjet Cartridges, and your entire order will be shipped to you for free. Now you might be wondering: “If you’re trying to save us money, why are you making us buy two other items?” That is an excellent question, to which we will give you an excellent answer: offers you HP Inkjet cartridges at the lowest possible prices on the internet.

We all use printer ink, so why not pay the lowest amount of money for a commodity we all need? Then throw free ground shipping on your entire order all on top of that! It’s win-win in terms of saving some extra dollars. Plus you’ll be stocked up on ink for while. So maybe its really more like win-win-win.

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