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The Dangers of Wireless Connections

Jul 16, 2010

At, we understand the appeal of wireless connections– Being able to have the freedom to connect to the web from anywhere in your home or office.  But we still think that as nice as the freedom is, it still isn’t worth the risk of a bad signal if you rely upon the internet for your daily activities.

For example:  Let’s say that you are a team supervisor at your company and you are set to make a big presentation.  You’ve brought your laptop so that you can hook it up to the project and show everyone in the meeting your Power Point.  You go to connect to the internet to get the Power Point off of your email, but there is no signal.  What do you do?

Or maybe you are a college student.  You have a major paper due today and you realize that your printer is out of ink.  (Which if you have read our earlier post about having Printer Ink on hand, you would not have to worry about.)  You plan on emailing yourself the file, grabbing your laptop, and running to the computer lab to print.  But when you get there, you find that there is interference and you can’t access the printing network.  What do you do?

Unexpected wireless signal losses can be devastating.  Therefore, you should always have a network that is connected by cables that you can rely on.  Cables don’t drop signals or experience interference.  You can find every type of cable you need to create such a network at

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