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Don’t Forget a Surge Suppressor

Jun 18, 2010

We are now in the summer months.  Although the summer means sunshine, pleasant temperatures, and longer days, it can also bring other dangers:  Thunderstorms.  We already discussed the danger that a storm can present to a computer system if it is left near an open window, but this post will focus on another concern that comes with storms:  Electrical surges.

An electrical surge occurs when lightning strikes a power converter or other such device along electrical lines.  When this happens, an unregulated amount of energy travels down the lines and can enter into your home.  This surge of electricity can actually get into your computer or router and burn out the equipment.

At, we have products that can help prevent damage to your system due to a power surge.  We offer a number of different surge protectors that can help absorb the excess energy that is present during one of these events.  So make sure to check out our surge protectors so that you can keep your computer equipment safe.

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