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Be the Hero of Game Night!

Jun 11, 2010

So envision the following scenario:  It is Friday night.  You and your friends have agreed to enjoy an all night video game marathon.  There are 10 of you.  You have all the consoles, TVs, controllers, and game discs that you need.  You even have a router that you are using to network all of the gaming consoles together.

You think that you are all set and ready to go.  Then, as you go to connect to the game you see that dreadful message, “No games found.”

That’s when you notice that your console is not hooked up to the router.  You won’t be able to connect to your friend’s game.  After all that setting up and anticipation, and now your night is ruined!

Or is it?  Did you happen to bring a spare Ethernet cable?  If you did, you are the hero of game night.  That one simple cord is all you need to save the entire night’s festivities.

Be the hero.  Go to

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