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Workman’s Tool Kit

Jun 4, 2010

If you are the kind of person who sets up, maintains, and repairs computer networks, we know you have a tough job.  It can get really tricky trying to run cables, hooking up routers, connecting computers, and prompting printers.  What’s worse is that if something goes wrong, you have to sort through all of those wires to try and figure out exactly where the problem lies.

At, we want to try and help make your life easier.   There are situations where cables just need to be replaced.  Or, there are times when all you need to do is tighten one small screw.  With the help of our workman’s service tool kits, you will be prepared for any problem that you face.  These kits will allow you to change out a wire, tighten a screw, crimp a wire, cut zip ties, and perform a number of other functions.  All of these great abilities are now in one convenient location and can be carried to any job site.

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