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Secure Your Cables

May 21, 2010

At, we know how many cables it can take to get your network up and running.  Even though it can take a long time to get everything where you need it to be, make sure you take some extra time to actually secure all of your computer cables.  When you are finished setting everything up, it may be tempting to just let the cables lay on the floor, or to tuck them behind your desk.  But it will be worth your while to make sure that everything is secure.

If you leave your computer cables exposed or unsecured, there is a chance that they will become damaged.  Children or pets can easily trip over your cables and even dislodge them from the back of your computer.  Not only is this a danger to your computer, but it can be a hazard to those walking over the cable.  Unsecured cables can also be an inconvenience for you when you are trying to vacuum or perform other household tasks.  Additionally, cables randomly running through your house may leave a bad impression upon any guests that you bring into your home.

So make sure to get those cables secured and out of sight.  It will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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