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TV Boasts a Trillion Colors

Apr 15, 2010

According to, there is a new High Definition Television that is set to come out that claims to be able to display a trillion different colors.

The television manufacture Sharp, is introducing its Aquos LED series that is either the next breakthrough in terms of high definition technology, or the next brilliant breakthrough in marketing technique.

Sharp claims that its new device will generate the vast number of colors thanks to its new development in color reproduction, which they call, “QuadPixel.”  This means that the new Aquos LED sets’ gamut, which is a color filter, will also include the color of yellow.  Most TV sets now only have red, green, and blue.  With the addition of yellow into the mix, the TV now can allegedly draw from so many different shades, that the color variances number in the trillions.

The current LED television sets are starting to come down in price, but with its new technology the Aquos will be a tad bit pricy.  Sharp feel that this is okay, because the extra colors will make up for the extra cost.  But only time will tell if there will be any actual difference with the picture quality, when watching TV on Sharp’s latest product.

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