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Can’t Reach Your USB Port?

Mar 12, 2010

Do you have a USB stick, iPod, cell phone charger, or video camera adapter that requires you have a free USB slot on your computer?  Do you have a hard time getting to those slots?

On older model computers, sometimes these USB ports are only located in the back of a tower unit.  Or perhaps you have a lot of accessories that you need to have in USB ports at the same time.  Maybe you have a presentation room in your office and the computer is underneath a large conference desk.

It is a major inconvenience to have to pull out a tower unit, or to climb under a desk, to find an available USB port.  At, we have something that can help.

The item that can help you easily access your USB ports, is a USB cable. These cables are essentially extensions for your USB port.  You plug one end into your computer, then run the rest of the cable to a spot that is convenient for you to plug in your USB stick.  No more reaching, pulling, or climbing to find that hidden USB slot.  These cables come in various lengths as well, to specially suit your situation.

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