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Supercomputer Keeps Cool with water

Mar 5, 2010

Its important to keep your computer system cool. This will help extend the life of your computer by preventing overheating. It will also allow your computer to work more efficiently.

At, we have a number or PC cooling systems that can help keep your computer at the right temperature. Most cooling devices are simply fans that expel the hot air.

However, scientists have recently created a supercomputer that is so immense, in terms of computing function, not size, that it requires a unique cooling system.

This supercomputer, known as the High Performance Computing (HPC) Centre, has been constructed to help monitor, research and evaluate climate change, find new energy sources, and mapping biological systems. With the capability of processing 29 teraflops, which equates to a trillion mathematical processes per second, this computer is extremely impressive.

The cooling device for the HPC requires an intricate system of small pipes that carry cool water throughout the computer. With the computer cooled it can operate and calculate more efficiently. You can view the whole story here.

Aren’t you glad that for you home computer all you need is a little fan?

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