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Hey College Students : Don’t Forget the Ink!

Feb 26, 2010

Midterms are in full swing for many colleges right now and you know what that means: there’s a whole lot of paper writing going on right now. But amidst all of the testing and typing, there’s a glimmer of hope: Spring Break. With vacations and time off right around the corner, who wouldn’t forget about restocking their printer ink supply?

Now’s the time to make sure that you’re ready to go once you come back from break by stocking up on some of the HP Inkjet Cartridges from We carry all of the different styles you need to fit your HP printer at savings that can work for any student. Just check to see what size you need and order now. There’s no waiting in line at the bookstore and no paying tons of markup because there’s only one store near campus that sells the right kind of cartridge. At, you always save big on HP inkjet cartridges.

Order yours today and make sure that you’re stocked up on all of the ink you need to finish out the semester.

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