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Don’t Rip Out All Your Wires!

Feb 18, 2010

Setting up a network for your home can be tricky.  But usually you’re only talking about two or three computers.  Can you imagine trying to set up a network at a business where there are over two hundred employees and every single one of them needs a computer?

The number of cables, modems, routers, and security that you need to pull of an elaborate network like this is exponential.  Can you imagine if something happened to just one of those cables and you needed to figure out which one it was?

Before you panic, or go crazy, and rip all the cables out of the wall in frustration, we may be able to help.  At, we have an item that could easily solve this problem.

The tool that you need is called a Network Tester.  These handy tools allow you to plug in a number of Ethernet cables into one unit.  Once you’ve plug them in, the network tester will allow you to test the strength of the signal, how well the cable is shielded, and how well the cable is adhering to conventional wiring standards.

With models available in home, business, and advanced models, a Network Tester can be a valuable, money saving tool for you and your business.

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